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Our modular smart docks, exclusively designed by Pininfarina¹, organize, charge and monitor our line of compatible light electric vehicles designed to get the job done swiftly.

The RIDENDOCK IoT-enabled infrastructure seamlessly moves people safely in warehouses, terminals, and other industrial facilities where covering large distances hinders their productivity.

As low as $300/MO² interest free with Klarna.

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Why does your team need ridendock?

When workers can move easily through a facility, they can save thousands of hours every year. Suboptimal facility layouts tend to make it hard for workers to pick a high number of units per hour (UPH). Our mobility tools can travel on the shortest paths and make multitasking easy while on-the-go, improving worker performance and the bottom line.


A key principle of facility layout design is that things change fast. Our smart docks are designed to flexibly expand or contract depending on the need to dock and organize multiple vehicles inside a single space. Maintaining spaces as flexible as possible is a great way to future-proof facilities and keep them clutter-free.


If the flow in facilities isn’t efficient, accidents, injuries, and product breakage can occur. These issues aren’t just detrimental to efficiency and profit, they could cause serious harm to personnel. Our self-balancing, speed-limited vehicles with expandable handle-bars and optional tracking add-ons help keep folks safe and vehicles monitored at all times.

Designed for productivity

Human-centric design is at the core of everything we do at Pininfarina. The resulting product of our collaboration with RIDENDOCK is an intuitive, simply and beautifully designed smart dock for a new mobility offering that aims to improve people's efficiency in new contexts such as large logistics hubs or giga factories.

- Francisco Barboza, Pininfarina Lead Designer

Smart dock with two electric vehicles

Pay monthly as low as $300/MO² interest free with Klarna